Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sew n Stitch

14 Ramadhan - Ummi should already recited 28 juzu' of Al-Quran (target this Ramadhan to khatam TWICE). But I'm SEVEN juzu' left behind. Huh!

'Umar had his pasta cream soup 'sahur' at 8.30am - watching cartoons - bathing - and again requesting Ummi to play the new downloaded animation "The Unstable Fables" (the new version of Tortoise and Hare Race fable--should watch it!) on Abi's pc. Hmm...enuff la sayang! Had too much watching. Let's do something fun!

So 'Umar got this idea of writing the names of 25 Prophets and 10 Malaikat on his gridline exercise book. Ok come Ummi, "Ummi tunggu sini, jadi teacher!" Ummi suggested that we use the flannel piece of cloth for our project. Ummi bought the material in 100YEN store in Fukuoka, Japan when we were there for ceramah trip in the year 2006. So colourful!
The colourful cloth

What shape do you want, sayang?
'Umar: spider!! (big fan of spiderman, transformers and BEN10)

'Ulya: flower

'Ulwan: (Ummi's assistant while playing his digger)
Bro.'Ulwan - Ummi's assistant :)

Just have a look at them enjoying this sew n stitch project!

Stitching onto my exercise book!


Allah makes Spider

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