Thursday, December 23, 2010

An-Naba' by 25th Dec

Sejak awal cuti sekolah, Abi dah berjanji akan menawarkan hadiah lumayan buat Umar kalau habis hafal Juz 30. Maknanya, cuti kali ni target yang mesti dicapai adalah hafalan surah An-Nazi'at dan An-Naba'.

Satu hari 2-4 baris ayat. Ada hari yang tak menghafal. Bila ada yang lupa, kena ulang balik. Dah namanya budak, duduk menghafal Quran 30 minit terasa siksa yang amat banding dengan tengok TV 30 minit (part ni yang Ummi rasa nak cubit2 je). Maka tu yang dah nak habis cuti sekolah ni, tinggal lagi 3 ayat surah An-Naba' je belum Umar hafal.

Kebetulan birthday Umar hujung tahun, 25 Disember pulak tu, so Abi letak target kalau dapat hafal by 25 Dis, insyaAllah dapat la hadiah special tu.

Episod menghafal

Ada hari dengan Abi (patuh dan taat, tak main2).
Ada hari dengan Umi (boleh 'kawtim' kurangkan baris ayat untuk dihafal).
Ada hari mengulang sampai 1 jam sebab ingat yang baru, yang lama lupa.
Ada hari menghafal sampai menangis sebak sambil cakap "kenapa Al-Quran ni susah??"
Ada hari yang menghafal sampai tertidur kat couch.

Lagi 1 hari...
sempat kah Umar menamatkan hafalannya?
dan berjaya mendapat reward yang dijanjikan??
kita tunggu ye.

Mural Artists

"Boring la Ummi..." keluh Umar.

Umar dah kebosanan sambil menghitung hari-hari bila sesi persekolahan baru akan dibuka. Tambah pula Ummi dalam pantang sepanjang 25 Nov (adik Zulfa lahir) hingga awal Januari 2011, lebih terbatas lagi pergerakan untuk beraktiviti. Kalau Ummi 'sihat', panjang la langkah anak2 ni sebenarnya. Nak tak nak, Ummi pun jenuh memikirkan idea 'aktiviti' harian anak2 di rumah -- selain menonton TV dan bermain game di komputer. TQ Abi belanja beli buku ni sebagai sumber idea.

Kebetulan pula, semalam kontraktor datang untuk mula kerja-kerja membaiki kerosakan di rumah (paip tersumbat, bocor dll.) dan juga akan mengecat bilik anak2, so boleh la Ummi benarkan anak2 'kerjakan' dinding yang dah jadi medium ekspresi seni mereka tu. Sebelum ni, siapa punya tangan kreatif ntah yang cop alamat Brotherhood Arts sepanjang ruang dinding tu. Arghh! Tapi cuba tanya semua orang yang ada anak kecik, mesti wajib ada 'secalit' contengan si kecil pada dinding rumah, kan?! Buat kenangan mak bapak dia. ~

So, semalam, Ummi baru teringat ada cat mural dalam kabin...apa lagi, jom little Einstein (program kat TV IQ Astro) kita kerjakan dinding kita!! Yeah!

Lepas tu jenuh la Ummi nak mencuci tangan dan kaki kanak2 bertiga ni. takpe2, yang penting no more 'BORING' word! Smile T_T

Umar: pokok, Ulya: kereta comel, Ulwan: yang calit2 warna warni tu adalah roket katanya!
(nampak tak ada kesan cop syarikat sepanjang dinding tu -- dah ummi cover dgn cat putih)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Miracle of Baby Birth

This is story about me :)

My fourth pregnancy is really, I would say, a well-planned pregnancy. Providing that we were able to go for Hajj in the year 2009 at the age of 30 years old and our youngest one that moment, Ulwan, was quite independent to be left for 40 days long. And we prayed hearthily in front of Kaabah that Allah will grant us another baby girl, for ‘she’ will become companion to our Ulya. Alhamdulillah we managed to get one – daa! is not something like a gift dropped from the sky! We prayed and we read on the scientific way of getting XY baby, and last but not least we tawakkal to Allah that He’ll give whatever is best for us.

The birth story goes this way…

I used to be an active preggy mother, meaning that I walk a lot, drive here and there and ‘forced’ to go to work though in my last days of pregnancy. Phew! Fatigue, tiredness, walking like a penguin mommy and what not-are all common criteria for 36-40 weeks preggy mothers. Whenever people see you, they will give you FAQ (frequently asked questions) like when is your due date? Do you know what baby it is? Etc.

Knowing 23rd Nov, my EDD, is just round the corner…but the baby has not given any signal yet to ‘burst out’. Yet so many things to do, our business projects, Eidul Adha and most importantly my sis-in-law, Dr.Ayesha’s wedding. My MIL comforted me by saying, “the baby wants to get aunty shasha wedding over and ready to see the new world.” Allah’s plan is always the best. With belly pack carried around, alhamdulillah Allah gave me chance to enjoy Eidul Adha with both families, attend solemnisation ceremony and the reception on 20th and 21st Dec and also having a Yemen superlicious dinner at Hadramawt Restaurat on 22nd Nov, with MIL’s family who came all the way from Australia for Ayesha’s wedding.

23rd Nov – no contraction, no pain but with endless tiredness. “Oh baby, you make me worry.” That evening, we went to Kohilal clinic tu check the servics dilation and it’s already 2cm. Ok, be patient Ummi. Baby will be out when the time comes. I had sleepless nights. Frequent toilet visits.

24th Nov – I woke up in the morning for Fajr prayer and noticed 10min lapse of contraction cycle. Tried to stand the pain and we even went to the bank to settle some matters and then zoom the car to Selayang Hospital. Guess who worried me the most?...ULYA. On my EDD day, Abi was saying to kids, “Anak2..macamana ni? baby tak nak keluar lagi la!” Ulya overwhelmed me,”Ulya rasa nak nangis tengok Umi tak bersalin2 lagi.” She really has that XY gene in her!

We reached hospital at 10.30 am in the morning and the doc-and-nurse team evaluated me. Nevertheless, it’s still not the birth time yet. The doc asked me to go home and just rush to hospital when the contraction becomes more intense and frequent. Aiyya!


After maghrib the very same day, the contraction lapse came in every 5 minutes. I didn’t want to go to hospital too soon and hence, waited at home in pain ‘till 12 midnight. The kids were already asleep. And off we go to the hospital. That 3 and half hour duration of standing the contraction pain seems like a looooong night. ‘Hasbunallah wa nikmal wakeel’, ‘lailahailla anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimin’ are some of the zikr uttered from my mouth. Setting my mind to be strong, I whispered to myself, “Anfaal, you are can overcome this!” Sounds funny an experienced mother of delivering 3 babies could not stand the pain, right. Unconsciously that moment, I had this idea of “this will be my last baby ‘coz I can’t ever go through this pain again ever!!”

3.30am – I plead the nurse to enter the labour room and she called the doc to break my waterbag and thus, ease my labour process. Once the waterbag broke, she hurried me on the wheelchair to the labour room. So fast that Abi, who fell asleep at the waiting area, didn’t even notice me calling him. With 2 push, the little precious baby came out safely and alhamdulillah, I exhaled. It’s a GIRL! Subhanallah and all the contraction pain seem gone. p/s: Hey, what about the idea of ‘the last baby’?? we’ll talk about that later ok! Ngee…

First time ever, in my 4 baby birth experience, the midwife and nurses cleaned the baby and placed the baby without any cloth or blanket right to my chest – skin to skin – to warm her. That critical moment was to develop the bonding between mother and baby. Subhanallah! She sucked well and she looks so so adorable.

The 2-boys and 2-girls of Abi Ummi

TokAbu with cucu and menantu

The Miracle

That is miracle to me! A mother can stand the pain and sacrifice for the sake of a new little ‘life’ to this world. How can we never thank Allah and remember Him for the greatness in the creation. Subhanallah! Rabbana ma khalaqta haza batila.

We name her Zulfa after this verse;

It is not your wealth nor your sons, that will bring you nearer to Us in degree: but only those who believe and work righteousness - these are the ones for whom there is a multiplied Reward for their deeds, while secure they (reside) in the dwellings on high! (Saba’: 37)

And we pray that she has close proximity to Allah with iman at heart and righteousness. Amin ya Rabb!

Abg Ulwan sayang saya!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Mama who delivered me to this great beautiful world 31 years ago. I would never had a chance to be an Ummi, without you Mama. Luv u!!