Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ketuk-ketuk Ramadhan

Ketuk-ketuk Ramadhan

As promised, Abi brought Umi to Nagoya Textile at Carrefour to buy the 56.1 metres long lace material for our house sheer curtain. It is not that I really want it but the HOUSE need it. The sheer in the hall has already torn here and there and already aged for 15 years! High time to take it off!
Well, as usual what we will never miss is to stop by at the newstore and get our monthly copies of magazine:
Abi’s :: Chip, Mobile World
Umi’s :: Majalah I (Mamak always mistakenly heard it as Hai magazine..keh..keh), Parenthink, and sometimes Anis or Aniqah
Umar’s :: Aulad

This time round, this recipe book “Ketuk-ketuk Ramadhan” is so eye-catching that made me spontaneously grabbed a copy of it. Nampak macam senang jo!! Haha..tunggu le bila nak masak.

The 5-cousins happily buka puasa together..khas dlm dulang..jgn kaco ktorg makan kat meja eh..

Umar’s Appetite

Ketuk punya ketuk…our Umar managed to fast from Day 1 ‘till Day 11. Alhamdulillah. What amazed us, really, he eats a LOT when breaking fast. Today, in surau he ate nasi and ayam pedas (my son hardly eat spicy food), siap tambah lagi!!..then kuih..and jelly..and he only stop eating when jama’ah already finished maghrib prayers. Balik rumah..kokokrunch, roti..MasyaAllah! Lapar betul anak Ummi..:)) Pastu gi toilet..haha..

Kena ketuk-ketuk

Today, Ummi and ‘Ulya have iftar at Ila’s house (K2, Kampung Baru) with all my adik-adik usrah presence (except Dayah..blk Klang). Almost 3 weeks we missed usrah due to exams, break and ramadhan. Thanx to adik2 for cooking tomyam and telur dadar…and not to forget the kurma castard pudding (kena kurangkan gula lg nih). Alhamdulillah, managed to give a short tazkeerah and mutabaah their ‘amal.

Ummi: Ok, brp orang dapat baca Al-Qur’an 1 juzu’ sehari?
Ummi: Ok, Z, brp mukasurat sehari?
Z: tiga ke empat muka je
Ummi: ok…macamane nak tingkatkan dari empat muka tu jadi lebih lagi?
Adik2: ..kena rajin lagi la!!

The idea of accelerating our ibadah in the month of Ramadhan lies inside us. There’s no syaitan around to whisper. But we have to push ourselves..yes! ketuk-ketuk la! Nevertheless, in order to have that inside out motivation, you must have knowledge on what’s so special that you can never miss in this blessed Ramadhan? So…why is it Soooooo Special?

Yes! We can be wealthy with thawab (pahala) just by doing these righteous deeds. Here are the 5 Wealth in Ramadhan:
1) Tilawatul Qur’an
2) Solat Tarawih
3) To go and be in Masjid
4) Zikrullah during Fajr ‘till Dhuha time
5) Infaq

Anyway, Happy Ketuk-ketuk in Ramadhan!!

p/s: nak try resipi dlm buku Ketuk2 Ramadhan esok..

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