Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hey you little fella..stop kickin'

Ngee..the little person inside me is so active..can hardly tell the routine. It's just night and day. At certain times, i whispered, "Hey stop kickin' me!"

But you see, when you are active, it makes me happy 'coz the nurse and doc won't be so worried. That's why I need to monitor what they call as FMC (fetal movement chart). It has to be minimum 10 ticks of baby movement in the chart within 12 hours. If the movement is less than 10 by 12th hour, it is not a good sign. Well, all mothers out there know this. And hence, keep kicking dear, 'coz it means good news that you are healthy inside there.


The abang2 and kakak just can't wait to see you!! We'll see you insyaAllah...


Khazinatul_Asrar said...

Subhanallah, comel~ xsabar nak tunggu dia lahir ;)

Bila due date kak anfaL?

ilanah said...

ngee.. comel2! subhanAllah! skang ni ila tgh 'merasa2' tendangan kecik die(litte kick) n to my surprise.. semalam punya kick kuat dr hari biasa sekali je..dush! ila pn xsure nape mybe sebab lambat mandi n solat(astaghfirullah..).. :)
skang ni kadang2 je rase..n makin kerap.. kalo xde lgsung..jdik risao..selalu tnya..'baby,ok ke kt dlm perot umi??' haha..mcm la die ble jawab... anyway..xsbr nk tgk bebi kak anfal..ngee!take care!

Anonymous said...

syaz: 23 Nov insyaAllah

ila: nanti baby dah makin besar, dia kick boleh nampak perut if there's other creature in you! Anyway, ila sembang je dgn bb,gosok perut,tepuk2 mcm main2 dgn dia.Dia akan react punye!