Wednesday, December 10, 2008

neither Syed nor Syarifah...

Alhamdulillah thummalhamdulillah..our Eidul Adha this year was celebrated in a different way. Abi was cordially invited as the bestman of Syed Hudzaifah (Fah) who got married to Syarifah Syadiah. Wow! We were escorting the family of Syed-Sharifah to the akad nikah. "And FIVE-of us are the malay-chinese looks chap, neither Syed-nor-Sharifah looks," said Abi.

The journey was far..dari Kuala Lumpur ke Arau nun di Perlis sana nuuuun. Ummi let the kids to load the bag with their stuff (toys, book and what not) to ensure the travelling won't be too boring. After 8 hours of driving (and not to forget resting time in the car at the Bukit Merah Laketown carpark area), we reached UiTM Arau. Fuhh! 

The Day

Abi was introduced as Fah's abang angkat. Ye la kalau nak kata sedare..rupe lain benor. And what a great honor when Abi was asked by Fah's Walid to sit next to the groom during the akad ceremony. And me, the Ummi had to be outside the house taking care of the kids...especially our  dear 'Ulwan who kept chasing the kitten, playing the swing (naik bas-is what he called) etc. 

Hanging on the hammock

Alhamdulillah the akad was smooth. And here are some of the snapshots down their memory lane...

Subhanallah - The Cave 

Umar and Ulya never bothered about the akad..what mattered most to them is swimming and going to the cave. That was what Ummi told them prior to Perlis trip. So mommies out there, be prepared if your kids will ask thousand times;
"Bila nak sampai gua?"
"Dah sampai ke gua?"
"Kejap lagi nak sampai gua ke?"

The same answer muttered, "Sabar...."

Immediately after small kenduri at the Syed-Syarifah's house, we headed to Padang Besar (not exactly to the shopping heaven) to bring the kids to the promised 'Gua Kelam'. Air sungai agak deras dan's let the kids swim in there. So, Abi spent his time making little raft for the kids and extra care for Ulwan who enjoyed throwing pebbles into the river. 

Here are the learning tips of cave excursion with kiddies:
1) Let them touch the cave wall, expose them to the texture of the stalagtite and stalagmite
2) Let them hold the handrail of the bridge along the adventurous 
3) Allow them to touch the water dripping from the cave top
4) Explain who made the water flowing inside the cave, feel the breeze blowing etc.
5) Ask them to say Subhanallah, Glory be to Allah who created all these


Madame Iman said...

k.anfal~huzaifah kwen ngn sape tuh? ada gmbr lg clear? :D

Anonymous said...

mama collection of photo not so clear..angle x brp cun. Pg visit
Bnyk yg cun..sbb org nye pun cun..hehe..Syarifah match-making walimah.

Madame Iman said...

ha ah dh tgk...tulaa..nampak cunnn..