Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Umar Graduated

Last Saturday was Amal Hidayah Graduation Day. Held in Kuliyyah of Engineering in IIUM, Gombak. What a pleasant day for our children and us too. Seeing Umar in his robe and receiving the certificate made me proud. ^^Berbunga2 di taman hati Ummi^^ Cewwah...Well, Umar didn't get any Best Student Award in any category (pre-school shouldn't be that stressful) nonetheless he's cheerfully happy.  

The four-year old students performed Quranic recital, in their own way. AlFatihah-Al-Ikhlas-Al-Falaq-An-Nas. So chomelll! In the beginning
 Teacher Azian quite panicky due to Ulya's mood swing. She cried and didn't want me togo from the backstage. Alhamdulillah Abi had his 'magic' in calming her. 

:: at the backstage, before the performance, hmmm..not so happy, didn't let Ummi go..

Ulya was the group leader, guiding others in the team to recite the surahs:
"Assalamualaikum everybody
and lastly introduced herself;
My name is Ulya binti Ammar
I am four years old (showing her four fingers)"

 Umi stood up applausing for her great recital. (Huwaa....macam la mak orang lain tak bangga)

::Ulya second from left, in the pink baju kurung

The more chomelll performance was by level two students, my Umar and his classmates of course, ehem2! He wore pink shirt and black pant. The teachers made a polkadot tie (sticking white stickers on the black tie). Umar and all pink gentlemen fellow  hit kompang AFTER the kompang sound has been played. Funny isn't it? They just become dummy.

::Kompang dah berbunyi..pemalu kompang belum buat apa2 lagi.. keh..keh..

 The next performance was choral speaking. It's about the daily prayer. From the fajr till isya', what do they say when they wake up in the morning, how to take ablution and other prayers.

::The lil girl on Umar's left, Ain Syafiqah. He always been teased,"Ain Syafiqah girlfriend Umar ke?"

Umar graduated from pre-school and next year new challenge will come in Al-Amin school years. May Allah let him strive in this world with iman, great akhlaq and wisdom.

:: Teacher Azian on Ummi's right 


FiDieYaaa said...

Salam. wah2, tak sangka jumpa Kak Anfal di sini. Lame tak sembang2. Anyway, congratzz umar, dan grad pon die. Aunty, eh kakak yang da besar nih pon tak penah rase grad lg.. insya4JJI lg 2 tahun. Doakan yerk...

Najah Farahin said...

tahniah umar, dah grad!!
-mck najah-